A Close Look at the Little-Known Provisions in the Infrastructure Bill

News Analysis Although Joe Biden’s Invest in America Act has been widely described as an “infrastructure bill,” its impact on American life goes far beyond roads, railways, and bridges. New rules in the bill affect transportation, manufacturing, water pipes, research, schools and more. The Invest in America Act has a startling 2,702 pages, but even so, it’s smaller than many bills passed in the past few decades. Although Congress today passes fewer bills than in the past, modern bills tend to be larger. Some have criticized large bills because they allow congressmen to group multiple unrelated laws together or hide financial favors to special interest groups. Here are several surprising plans found in the Biden infrastructure bill: Strange Studies Three of the strangest studies in the bill focus on equity in crash dummies, train length, and the use of bicycles to respond to disasters. The dummy study will evaluate whether …Read More

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