Arizona AG Heads Effort to Oppose Biden’s Delay of Trump-Era EPA Lead Regulation

Arizona’s Attorney General (AG) Mark Brnovich is leading a group of AGs in filing a petition challenging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s decision to postpone the Trump-era Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR). “While the Biden Administration talks a lot about preserving clean air and water for future generations, they have failed to ensure clean drinking water for our children now,” Brnovich said in a press release on Friday. On June 10, the EPA signed a final rule to extend the effective date of LCR Revisions to December 16, 2021, to allow “the agency to continue conducting virtual engagements to gather valuable input from communities that have been impacted by lead and to seek feedback from national water associations, Tribes and Tribal communities, and EPA’s state co-regulators.” The AGs argue that the “Delay Rule” is unlawful and will have “adverse health effects that exceed the reduced costs on water system operators,” …Read More

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