Arizona Ballot Integrity Project Seeks to Prevent Voter Fraud

Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem believes that election ballots should be just as secure as U.S. currency to ensure confidence in the system and prevent fraud. To that end, the Republican candidate for Secretary of State is spearheading the Arizona Ballot Integrity Project to replace the state’s traditional election paper ballots with virtually fool-proof ballots complete with watermarks, ballot identification numbers, QR codes, and embedded holograms. Finchem said there is no ballot integrity initiative anywhere else in the country at the moment, but in his travels, he’s encountered a high level of bipartisan interest. “Ballot integrity, a critical part of the election process, relies on fraud countermeasures to keep the fakes out of the system,” Finchem said in a 3-minute video announcing the project. “Election integrity—more broadly—relies on full-spectrum transparency. We can have full-spectrum transparency by making every ballot image a public record, available to everyone, all the time. Putting …Read More

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