Arizona Senator Calls for Hearings on Lawmaker Accused of Child Molestation

An Arizona state senator has filed a formal request with the Arizona Senate Ethics Committee to convene immediate disciplinary hearings regarding Sen. Otoniel “Tony” Navarette, who has been accused of child molestation. Sen. Kelly Townsend, a Republican, filed her request Monday to convene to “examine this allegation and make recommendations regarding discipline.” “If the recommendation for discipline included expulsion, I petition that the Ethics Committee make a formal request to the Governor’s office to convene a special session for the purposes of holding the necessary vote to expel,” Townsend wrote. Townsend said the allegations against Navarette, a Democrat, are “of such egregious nature that warrants expedient action that cannot wait until the Legislature resumes session in January of 2022.” “I therefore petition Chairwoman [Sine] Kerr to convene the committee within a week, unless resignation is tendered by Senator Tony Navarette prior to the convening of the committee,” she added. Navarette, …Read More

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