As Delta Increases, US Military Braces for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines

WASHINGTON—During his last days before dying from COVID-19, 26-year-old Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Cody Myers played a breathing game with himself at a Florida hospital to see how high he could get his oxygen levels. Myers had chosen to get vaccinated—but was exposed just a day after getting his first dose in January, not enough time for it to take effect. “He was really excited to be doing his part for society and for his family. He wouldn’t have imagined three weeks later he would die alone in a hospital,” his sister, Amber Mattson, wrote on a Facebook post. With the growth in the Delta variant, the Pentagon appears poised to mandate vaccinations against COVID-19. Officials told Reuters a decision on the next steps could come within days. The U.S. military says around half the U.S. armed forces are already fully vaccinated, a number that climbs significantly when counting …Read More

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