Asian Women of Power

Kimchi ChowLove, joy, happiness and fulfillment, are your cultural boundaries keeping you from having all this? Asian, American or Asian-American, there is pride to be found in your cultural heritage, being identified as one is an honor and never an embarrassment. Join Kimchi Chow as she shares her insights on life lessons she has learned from the past 4 decades living as an immigrant in the USA. She shares tips from other Asian women and immigrants who overcame the challenges of cultural conflicts and how to find the key to claim power in life. Before her migration from Vietnam, Kimchi already had a set of standards and expectations born from her Eastern cultural upbringing. After living in America for 40 years, her customs and culture has changed through her experiences that made her into a person she did not want to be. She is an investor and a business owner with a background in engineering. On top of all of this, she is a wife, a mother and a daughter. Having her fair share of stress is an understatement, when she tried to balance her duties for her family and her obligations to her work. Kimchi tried to please everyone, forgetting about herself and almost losing her marriage from the imbalance in her life and setting the wrong priorities. Apart from her own struggles, Kimchi witnessed a lot more from others, from relationships breaking apart to couples filing for divorce, parents disowning their children and even children committing suicide from the pressure they get from their parents. These incidents made her realize she needed to change and adapt to her new environment to protect herself, her marriage and her children. She saw that health, wealth and relationships are like the three legs of a stool, with each one playing a vital role to support each other and what they stand for. Exploring possibilities, experimenting on beliefs and learning painful yet meaningful lessons, Kimchi found a way to be more authentic with herself and show more compassion towards others. In the past twenty years, she has learned an effective way to communicate with others and be relatable to them, giving them the respect that they yearn for. As a life coach and teacher, Kimchi empowers Asian women and immigrants so they can create a life with power, freedom and choice. She wants to help Asian women to live their lives to the fullest and express themselves freely no matter what country they live in. She wants to help every woman to know that happiness and fulfillment in life are within their grasp. Asian Women of Power is the podcast that will address and compare the key values between Asian and North American cultures. The episodes will discuss behaviors, expectations and assumptions from men to women and from parent to child. Kimchi will share different communication styles based on different personalities that most people think are gender specific as well parenting techniques from the perspective of an Asian woman. With self-confidence, your life will look and feel meaningful and you can start inspiring others to live a better life. When you know what you stand for and believe it can make an impact, then there is a reason for you to share it to the world, as well as listen to the messages the rest of the world wants to share. Find balance in family and work with a life filled with positivity.

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