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Visit our website at  www.mysexystories.com  for more Sexy Bedtime Stories.  One pastime that lot of people are engaged in, but really don’t talk about, is reading Sexy Bedtime Stories. YES in the past 5 months 125,000 people <strong>searched and found what they were looking for. A Sexy, Hot Bedroom Story that will ignite fire into their bedroom, fire up their senses, while exploring new adventures, with or without their partner. With an endless array of experiences Melissa, Megan and Mitch will light up your appetite for more. Born within our bedroom walls, Melissa would ask me to tell her a Sexy Story that we would use as part of our bedroom foreplay!  I would just pick a fantasy and build on it, as I got bolder, more passionate, provocative and explicit, they became fantasies, and we wanted, to fulfill them. This naturally introduced us to threesomes, foursomes, from Soft Swap to Full Swap, enjoying Sex Clubs and home parties. In the Lifestyle, one could say!! Melissa had been saying for years ”Why don’t write a “Sexy Bedtime Stories Book” I am a  good story teller, and this is how the “Sexy Bedtime Stories Podcast “show was born. Now after 6 months, 56 stories, 1250000 downloads, 35,000 new listeners last month, growing exponentially. Listeners have enjoyed the sensuality, sexual experiences, secret fantasies, naughtiness of their evenings with Melissa, Megan and Mitch. Listen in, you will be mouth-watering! Listen to them! Mitch &amp; Melissa 

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