Bedtime With Bunny

Are you ready to hear authentic conversations between creators outside of their platforms? That is exactly what you get with Bedtime with Bunny – the comedy lifestyle podcast that takes you on a deep dive to the real people behind the social media creators that you love! Join The Bunny Barbie as she calls up on some of your favorite influencers and creators and close friends for casual conversations about everything positive, empowering, and genuine connections. If you are interested in alternative lifestyles, fashion, motherhood, family life, homeschooling, DIY, health and nutrition, body positivity, and women empowerment, and lots of laughs along the way then you are going to get a lot of from these conversations. At the very least, you get to take a peek at your favorite creator’s real lives that you would never get from just watching their social media posts. From the awe-inspiring and heartwarming down to the hilarious and even downright embarrassing aspects of their personal lives – there is really no limit to where these conversations are going to take you! This is raw, unfiltered, real-life content of a kind that you will not get anywhere else. Mind you, these chats are NOT INTERVIEWS! These are just straight-up, casual conversations between friends and creators. Just imagine you are taking a girlfriend you haven’t seen for a long time to a sleepover and then you begin chatting about everything there is to thank for about life. That’s exactly how these lovely episodes are going to be like. This is a rare chance for you to see these creators get real and vulnerable. As if that is not exciting enough, these episodes are also going to be a rare chance for you – the listener, the follower, the avid fan – to throw your questions to your favorite celebrities! Do you want to know their likes and dislikes? Or perhaps their strengths and weaknesses? You get to ask them personally! It’s like a fan meeting but more intimate. Now, why would you want to miss out on that? Apart from all these exciting things that you should definitely look forward to, you also get this chance to know your host better. Known as Gen Z’s TikTok Milf, The Bunny Barbie is a social media creator known for her lifestyle content, usually about her family. Since launching her TikTok account last January 2020, The Bunny Barbie has gathered more than 460,000 followers on TikTok and more than 48,000 on Instagram. Her first video on TikTok, which featured her making and ordering custom facemasks, now has more than 1 million views on TikTok. And she’s just starting! Before she got herself to the TikTok universe, The Bunny Barbie was a pilot, visual artist, a loving wife, and homeschooling mom to a wonderful son. She is just this amazing woman who never fails to churn out wonderful content. If you want to know more about her everyday life outside of her trending TikTok videos, then this episode is a sure way to get you there. We need to share positive vibes now more than ever! As we find ourselves holed up in our homes during this time of physical distancing, we need to support each other by infusing positivity into our lives through entertainment, laughter, and genuine human connection. Do you remember how it felt like to have a heart-to-heart talk with someone who just makes you radiate happiness and good vibes? This podcast may not give you that, but it does give you the next closest thing. Let The Bunny Barbie take you to her little realm of positive energy with these bedtime conversations. These chats are guaranteed to make your day. So, loosen up, sit down, relax, listen, and prepare to get yourself treated with a little slice of happiness and a generous sprinkling of good vibes with each wonderful episode! On a side note, if you want to get more of The Bunny Barbie’s amazing content, make sure to follow her on @thebunnybarbie on TikTok and Instagram. Enjoy listening!


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