Biden Administration Targets Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Biden administration released a notice of intent on Aug. 4 that it intends to prepare a new environmental impact statement on oil and gas leasing on the Coastal Plain in Alaska. The notice from the Bureau of Land Management, which permits “comments on issues, impacts, and potential new alternatives to be analyzed may be submitted in writing until October 4, 2021,” cites “legal deficiencies” in the Trump administration’s environmental impact statement as motivation for the new statement. In June, President Joe Biden suspended oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, reversing former President Donald Trump’s implementation of a provision in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that opened up the refuge’s about 1.6-million-acre Coastal Plain to drilling. “I think the underlying [legal] claims are laughable,” said David Bernhardt, who served as secretary of the interior under Trump. “This administration is unequivocally opposed to proceeding forward with the law that was …Read More

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