Biden Says More Businesses Should Impose COVID-19 Mandates

President Joe Biden on Sept. 27 received a Pfizer COVID-19 booster dose on camera to lobby support for the rollout of the third dose, while saying he’ll travel to Chicago soon to call on private employers to mandate vaccines. “Boosters are important, but the most important thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated,” he said in remarks at the White House. The president said he’s “moving forward with vaccination requirements wherever I can,” but he urged businesses to establish their own vaccine mandates. “On Wednesday, I’ll be traveling to Chicago to talk about why it’s so important that more businesses are instituting their own vaccine requirements,” he said, before getting the booster dose. A few weeks ago, Biden announced that he would issue an order directing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to enforce a rule requiring workers at businesses with 100 or more employees to …Read More

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