Biden to Deliver Speech on Afghanistan Evacuation Before Returning to Delaware

President Joe Biden is scheduled Friday to deliver remarks on the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, the first time he’s addressed the issue since Wednesday. Biden sat down with ABC host George Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton administration aide, for an interview midweek, but it was not broadcast live and ABC has withheld most footage from the discussion. Biden on Monday delivered a speech on Afghanistan. He primarily defended his decision to pull out U.S. troops and blamed the Trump administration for starting the withdrawal process. Biden continued that theme with Stephanopoulos, claiming the intelligence community did not say that the Taliban could quickly takeover the country when the United States left. He also said there was no way to withdraw from Afghanistan without “chaos ensuing.” Biden on Friday plans to deliver remarks on “the evacuation of American citizens and their families, SIV applicants and their families, and vulnerable American citizens,” according to …Read More

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