Biden to Nominate Career Diplomat Nicholas Burns as Ambassador to China

President Joe Biden intends to nominate veteran U.S. diplomat Nicholas Burns to serve as U.S. ambassador to China, the White House announced on Aug. 20. If confirmed by the Senate, Burns would be the first career diplomat to fill the role in recent years, as the position has been occupied by former politicians over the past decade. During the administration of President George W. Bush, Burns served as U.S. ambassador to NATO and under secretary of state for political affairs, historically the State Department’s third-ranking official. He was also U.S. ambassador to Greece under President Bill Clinton. Burns is currently a professor of international relations at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Burns faces Senate confirmation at a time when countering threats posed by the Chinese regime enjoys rare bipartisan support in Congress. The Biden administration, meanwhile, is rallying allies to push back against Beijing over a range of issues from its human …Read More

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