Board of Education Sues California Governor Over School Mask Mandates

The Orange County Board of Education (OCBE) voted during an Aug. 3 special session to sue Gov. Gavin Newsom for extending the state of emergency and mandating masks for students during the next curricular year. The board’s decision came after Newsom announced an extension to the state of emergency, requiring a mask mandate for students in grades K-12. Trustee Rebecca Gomez was absent during the vote. “I want to do what’s in the best interest of the kids in our community,” OCBE president Mari Barke told The Epoch Times. OCBE vice president Ken Williams told The Epoch Times the board fears “that this could be a repeat of last year, and the attempt is to remove—by the state Supreme Court—the abuse of the emergency power, that Newsom is usurping.” “There is no emergency that exists that he should be able to use the emergency powers to mandate, such a statewide decree,” Williams said. Around this time last year, the board filed a lawsuit against Newsom and the California …Read More

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