Building Good

We can build a better world by working together to make the places where we play, work, serve, learn, and live more inclusive and sustainable. Welcome to the Building Good Podcast with Tim Coldwell and Jen Hancock, a show that is all about making the world a better place. Whether you are a city planner or project director working to reduce carbon emissions or a non-profit leader passionate about inclusive communities, you’ve stepped onto the correct site. This is the place for those who believe that the future is both prosperous and sustainable; it is a world that is better because the work you do makes positive social and environmental change and, at the same time, drives economic growth. Jen and Tim are dedicated to helping you bring purpose into your organizations, your lives, and your business models. With eleven years in construction and 7 years teaching, Jen Hancock has honed her industry expertise in sustainability, lean, IPD, and collaborative project delivery. In her role as Vice President, Collaborative Construction for Chandos, Jen has oversight on sustainability initiatives while serving as an IPD and lean coach for project teams executing highly innovative work. In his role as President of Chandos, Tim Coldwell focuses on growth, strategy, and people, representing the organization across Canada. He is highly experienced in leadership, strategy, marketing, innovation, and culture. Together, they share real stories happening within Chandos’ network that is making the world a better place. Raising the banner of Chandos’ brand and purpose, the show’s goal is to inspire others to act and use their business as a force for good. Join them and be part of the growing list of individuals and firms dedicated to making a positive impact on society. A leader in the Canadian construction industry, Chandos is one of North America’s most innovative and collaborative builders. It is also 100% employee-owned and 100% driven to build right. Valuing inclusion, collaboration, ingenuity, and innovation, Chandos balances people, profit, and the planet in every decision it makes. Building their expertise for over 40 years, Chandos believes that it’s not just what they build, but how they build together that truly makes a difference. Their experience includes construction management, design-build, and general contracting. They’re also a leader in integrated project delivery, the most collaborative building method used today. Using collaborative methods across 80% of their projects, they are creating value for their customers and the communities they serve. It’s the people who are at the heart of every company.No matter how good an organization is, it could be better and there are ways to deliver greater value to your customers. Here on the Building Good Podcast, we discuss strategies and share examples to help you achieve that. The world is changing faster than ever before. As a business leader, you, too, can and should use existing business models to make a difference and solve the world’s greatest challenges. Make a difference. Change a life. Strengthen local communities. Reduce your impact on the environment. Ready to get started? Join the movement here on the Building Good Podcast and start building a better world.

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