China Diverting Attention From Its Wrongdoings in Hong Kong: State Department

The U.S. Department of State said China is attempting to “divert attention from its own bad conduct” in Hong Kong by accusing the United States of interfering in city affairs. The statement comes after China published a list of people responsible for the alleged interference. “U.S. policy toward Hong Kong has been consistent and will not waver,” a State Department spokesperson told The Epoch Times. The United States statements and actions on the former British colony are aiming at “preserving the autonomy that Hong Kong was promised in the Joint Declaration” and “promoting accountability for those who erode the human rights and freedoms enjoyed by people in Hong Kong,” the Department said in an email on Sept. 24. “The United States will always stand up for fundamental freedoms and the rule of law,” the statement read, adding that the two are the fundamental rights the regime promised. In a Friday …Read More

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