Chris Cuomo Silent on Brother’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday completely ignored a scandal involving his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo said nothing about how New York Attorney General Letitia James earlier in the day released a report substantiating sexual harassment and assault claims against the governor. Chris Cuomo’s “Cuomo Prime Time” airs for an hour at 9 p.m. Chris Cuomo was deeply involved in the scandal. Investigators found he was part of a team that advised Gov. Cuomo on how to respond earlier this year to a growing number of sexual harassment allegations. Rich Azzopardi, one of Gov. Cuomo’s top advisers, described the group, none of whom were compensated, as “people who have been with us for a long time who we could trust.” “When you feel like you’re in battle, you turn to those you trust,” he told investigators, who were appointed by James. The inner circle’s outside group, who …Read More

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