Christians Around The World Donate Portable Bomb Shelters To Israel Amid Palestinian Terror Attacks

Christians from around the world have donated more than a dozen portable bomb shelters to Israel in recent days after Palestinian terrorists have fired thousands of rockets at Israel.

Nine shelters are already en route to be delivered and another six shelters have been ordered in an effort that is being spearheaded by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ). The shelters have mostly been placed in areas where schools, daycares, hospitals, and youth centers are located.

“ICEJ has been donating portable shelters to communities at risk since 2008 when it donated more than 50 shelters to be placed by bus stops in Sderot,” The Jerusalem Post reported. “In total, the organization, with the support of Christians worldwide, has given 118 shelters to southern Israeli communities, working in conjunction with Operation Lifeshield to ensure the shelters are built to Israel Defense Forces standards.”

ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler said that the organization wants to do all that it can to show support for Israel as its citizens are subjected to daily terror attacks.

“Israeli residents in the Gaza envelope have only seconds to reach safety, and they repeatedly have told us that these shelters indeed save lives,” he said. “They also have given these families living in harm’s way the peace of mind they need to stay put and lead their daily lives despite the constant rocket threat.”

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