Chronicles of A Play Therapist

Play therapy, along with other expressive therapies, is a powerful vehicle of change to help individuals and families go from hurt to healed and achieve a restored sense of safety and security. Play therapy has an incredible range of therapeutic benefits and is an effective approach to treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Welcome to Chronicles of A Play Therapist, a podcast that discusses mental health from a play therapy specialization. Hosted by Althea T. Simpson, witness the sheer magic of the therapeutic healing power of play as it instills hope and increase resiliency. Discover trends, treatment approaches and techniques, theory, and the business of psychotherapy practice. A licensed clinical social worker and a registered play therapist supervisor with an authentic and creative approach to play therapy, Althea Simpson is the Founder of Unicorn Life Training and serves as the lead presenter. She is also the Founder of Brighter Day Therapeutic Solutions, a trauma-focused psychotherapy practice. She has more than fifteen years of indirect and direct clinical practice experience with children, adolescents, adults, and families. If you are a mental health professional, Chronicles of A Play Therapist is your gateway to play therapy – what it’s all about, how to use it, and how you can build your own psychotherapy practice. Learn how you can help individuals and families go from hurt to heal in their life and business. Every week, we bring you resources that will help you apply therapeutic concepts in multiple clinical settings. We offer guidance to empower you to develop clinical and professional skills. Discover practical strategies focusing on theory, demonstration, practice, and observation as you grow and develop. Interested in learning more about play therapy? Join Chronicles of A Play Therapist with Althea Simpson today!

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