Collaborative Capitalism

Many people are becoming dissatisfied with the way business and our culture is operating today. Have you noticed? Everyplace you turn, people seem to care more about pointing out other people’s mistakes, assigning blame to others for our misfortunes. Or making snap judgments about people or situations without thinking. It’s easy to get cynical. It’s easy to drift through life in these times. But life doesn’t have to be that way. As human beings, our actions come from a fundamental set of beliefs we have about ourselves, the people around us, our communities, and the world-at-large. These beliefs are our values. When our actions are inconsistent with our predominant values, we are in conflict with ourselves. We become ineffective. Our results become feeble. Over time, we e feel powerless. And eventually, become desensitized to life around us and resigned to whatever results come our way. However, when we use our core values as the basis for our activities we empower ourselves and our bu

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