Complaint Filed to Force Michigan Governor to Return Alleged ‘Illegal’ Campaign Contributions

LANSING, Mich.—A conservative, pro-Constitution organization based in western Michigan has asked the state’s Bureau of Elections to investigate what it alleges is the “illegal circumvention” of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. The group, called the “Michigan Freedom Fund,” points to Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s own recently filed campaign finance report, which shows that, since January 2021, her reelection committee accepted a total of $3.4 million via 154 donations, all of which exceeded the $7,150 statutory cap on individual donations. In a statement, Whitmer spokesperson Mark Fisk called Michigan Freedom’s allegations “bogus” and “without merit.” The Whitmer campaign asserts that it is all perfectly legal under a decades-old determination by former Michigan Secretary of State Richard Austin. In addressing the issue in the mid-1980s, Austin recognized that, as groups seeking to recall a state elected official had no cap on the amount of money their individual contributors could donate, it was …Read More

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