Congressman Al Green and Texas State Rep. Ron Reynolds Arrested at Voting Rights Protest

Two Democrat lawmakers from Texas were arrested outside the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court buildings in Washington on Tuesday while protesting against what they said were efforts to pass more restrictive voter laws. Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) and Texas state Rep. Ron Reynolds were taken into custody by U.S. Capitol Police officers, according to video and statements posted on social media by the two lawmakers. Green posted a video of himself and Reynolds standing next to each other on a cross walk, joining a crowd singing the gospel anthem, “We Shall Overcome.” Two Capitol Police officers are seen in the video approaching Green and Reynolds, with one of the officers putting a wristband around Green’s hands and the other leading him away from the scene. “Proud to fight for the voting rights of those I serve by any means necessary,” Green said in a follow-up Twitter post, which included a …Read More

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