Dave Rubin: ‘We Got a Country to Save’

The American Experiment has possibly come to an end, and “we got a country to save,” said Dave Rubin, a media personality and host of The Rubin Report. “Right now, we have a country to save. It sounds cliche, right?” Rubin told EpochTV’s “CrossRoads” in a recent interview. “I mean, it sounds like a political candidate ‘we got a country to save,’ but it really is the truth that we’re possibly at the end of the American Experiment right now.” Rubin said that’s because for the past 250 years, though different political parties had different visions for America, basically, they all believed America was good. “But right now, we have half of the political dialect that basically doesn’t think America is good … that basically wants to erase America’s history. That is a huge problem,” Rubin said, referring to the “woke” ideology that has been spreading across America. “Woke” is …Read More

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