Dear Michelle…

How lovely it would be if life came with an instruction manual? Even a comprehensive booklet would be nice. But it doesn’t. So you fake it, follow your gut and hope for the best. But every once in a while, you need something more. A guiding star, a knowledgeable resource to help you navigate tricky circumstances or nagging paradigms that always seem to stand between you and a life that feels truly delicious. Advice column meets life coach. Dear Michelle answers the questions you didn’t even know to ask. Imagine having a coach in your back pocket for some of life’s trickiest questions from the girlfriend who always tells you the truth and does it in a way that makes you feel better about yourself and the rest of the world as well. You’ve found the right place for the answers to life’s sticky questions. Stay for a dose of sass, laughter, audacity, and remarkable transformations. Do you want Love, Health, Freedom, and Prosperity? There are fundamental truths to get you there and, your host, Michelle Young has had the pleasure of studying and testing them. This is about you living your life, only better.

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