Democrat Congressman Pushes Back Against Criticism of Surprise Trip to Afghanistan

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) pushed back against critics who say his secret trip to Afghanistan with another congressman was wrong and could have created more issues for security forces inside Afghanistan; he told a local paper on Aug. 25 that he doesn’t care “one bit about anonymous quotes from Washington” when he is “saving the lives of our allies.” He told The Boston Globe from Doha, Qatar, that on multiple occasions he had requested permission to travel to Afghanistan, but had been turned down. The Marine veteran said he was motivated to make the trip to help get families out of the country since they were not getting the assistance they needed via remote efforts. “I got several, not just families, but groups through the gates,” Moulton told The Boston Globe, referring to the heavily guarded Kabul airport that Taliban fighters have made difficult for some Americans to get into. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi …Read More

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