Despite What Biden Says, Guns Factor in Only a Small Percentage of Violent Crimes

In response to sharp increases in violent crime, President Biden stressed again last week that his administration is focused on “stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes.” But critics warn that this “guns first” approach ignores a basic fact—about 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms. Although firearms were used in about 74% of homicides in 2019, they comprise less than 9% of violent crimes in America. The vast majority of violent offenses—including robberies, rapes and other sex crimes—almost always involve other weapons or no weapons at all. Consider Chicago, which has become a national symbol of violent crime. While shootings have increased by about 11% this year, the number of murders has decreased slightly in 2021—to 382 as of July 11 compared to 387 for the same time period last year. The dramatic increase Chicago is experiencing is in sex crimes—a 23% rise …Read More

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