Episode 132 – Cryptos Always Run When We Interview Bo!

Welcome to the Wild West Crypto Show! Every time Bo is in the HOUSE and we interview him cryptos seem to run… and they’re running today! This week we bring in two guests Adrian Krion founder and CEO of Spielworks and Chris Davis, CTO of Film.Io..

Spielworks brings the benefits of blockchain to mass-market gaming: True ownership of digital assets, secure handling of tokens and comfortable interaction with exceptional blockchain games. These benefits allow Spielworks to strive for groundbreaking game-models and true play-to-earn mechanics.

Filmio is a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates the creation, funding, and distribution of film, TV and VR projects.

Crypto’s, Finance, World Events, Success, Entrepreneurs. We give ANYONE 8 min of FAME. Online, podcast, Streaming & OTA TV, and terrestrial radio!


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