Financial 1st Aid

Do you have an idea that you believe would make a good business? Concerned about how and where to get started? Or are you in business and may be considering bankruptcy? Perhaps you’re in business and are trying to recover from bankruptcy?

Welcome to Financial 1st Aid hosted by Vera McCoy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor who’s wanting to start a business or considering bankruptcy, Financial 1st Aid is here to help you move in the right direction – from idea to development to implementation!

A business owner and practicing attorney focusing on real estate and bankruptcy, Vera McCoy provides legal counseling and services regarding real estate and bankruptcy, as well as contract preparation and review, evictions, foreclosure, short sales, and property management and maintenance.

Starting a business is no walk in the park. Even with the grandest ideas, you still need the knowledge and know-how to actually build it, especially when you’re building it from scratch. You don’t want to invest all that hard-earned money on something that would someday be taken from you or crumble to the ground.

Here on Financial 1st Aid, we’ll guide you on how to build your business empire from the ground up. Discover actionable steps from refining your idea and building your team to choosing your vendors, branding yourself, and so much more!

We always hope for the best when we start building our business empire. And even when we have the drive, the resources, and a fool-proof business plan, unpredictable things like the pandemic could pull the rug from under your feet. When the chips are down and the push comes to shove, the hardest decision we’ll ever make is having to declare bankruptcy. Even then, it’s not the end of the world. You can still recover if you know how!

Join Vera McCoy here on Financial 1st Aid today! Move from bankrupt to abundance as Vera shows you how to start your business smartly and recover from bankruptcy a lot more quickly.

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