Five-time national track champ says ‘transgender athletes will diminish opportunities for biological women

A five-time national track champion is speaking out about her concerns surrounding equality in sports, telling Fox News she fears that “transgender athletes will diminish opportunities for biological women.”

“It’s not equality because when you’re competing against a biological male, it’s not an equal playing field – even if they are on hormones,” said Shannon Arena, whose maiden name is Gagne.

In an interview Thursday, Arena told Fox News: “I think the effects of this participation with women in sports is huge … the one girl that doesn’t make the team, or the one girl that gets passed for a scholarship, or the one girl that doesn’t get the personal satisfaction and honor of a first-place finish because of a biological male’s participation – is one too many. It’s just not fair.”

As a college athlete, Arena took home five national titles and was a nine-time All-American. While competing as a Division II athlete, she also received one of the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) Today’s most prestigious honors – the Top VIII Award.

But roughly a decade after leaving the University of New Haven, Arena says she’s “disappointed” by how the nation’s top college athletics association has handled the ongoing controversy over gender.

“I think everyone deserves to be treated with respect but my concern as a former athlete and as a coach is that transgender athletes will diminish opportunities for biological women,” Arena told Fox News on Thursday.

“I just fear that we are plowing over the biological female athletes – these girls and women that work tirelessly and that have had to overcome so many societal barriers to have the benefit of fair competition just for the sake and the inclusion of the transgender community.”

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