Friends’ reunion race row as fans criticise producers for failing to include any black actors

Producers of the much-anticipated Friends comeback show are at the center of a race row after failing to cast any black actors.

While the one-off return of the much-loved US sitcom will feature all six members of the original line-up, the list of celebrity guest stars announced by broadcaster HBO has been criticized for a lack of diversity.  The guests for Friends: The Reunion, which airs on May 27 in the US – 17 years after the last of the original series – include Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist for female education; and the Korean pop band BTS – but no black stars.

Even the original Friends’ only black character – Ross’s girlfriend Dr Charlie Wheeler, played by Aisha Tyler – will not feature in the reunion.

The decision sparked fury on social media, with one fan writing: ‘After convincing us that NYC [New York City] has no black or brown people in it for ten seasons, they issue a reunion with 25 celebs and somehow evade finding a single black person.’

Other comments included: ‘Friends reunion! So many new friends! None of ’em Black!’ and ‘It’s been 17 years & y’all still haven’t made any black friends?’

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