Gen. Milley Defends Talking to Political Reporters, Says Some Details in Book Are Wrong

Gen. Mark Milley on Wednesday defended talking to political reporters even as he asserted he was misrepresented by at least one of them. Milley has acknowledged speaking to reporters for three separate books, including “Peril.” The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, though, has challenged some of the portrayals in the books, including claims he told a Chinese general that he would warn him if the United States were going to attack China. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) on Wednesday wondered why Milley would spend hours speaking to the reporters, who are all focused on politics. “I believe part of my job is to communicate to the media what we do as a military and the military. So, I do interviews regularly with print media, books, documentaries, TV interviews. I think it’s part of a senior official’s job to be transparent and I believe in a free press,” Milley said. …Read More

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