Heart and Sold

When a real estate agent has a client moving to another market, we are supposed to introduce them to an agent who can help them in that area. The truth is the vetting process is difficult. Real estate agents are busy and coordinating schedules can be tough. Fret no more as Chadwin Barley presents the solution through Heart and Sold, a podcast dedicated to providing the solution by allowing agents to be more easily found and to have a voice in the vetting process. Chadwin is a real estate agent based in Austin, Texas with almost twenty years of experience in high tech marketing. She implements proprietary strategies to market high-end, luxury properties and get them sold quickly at the best price. Every week, she will be joined by guests from the real estate industry who have been successful in their respective areas. Get acquainted with real estate agents, learn interesting facts about their markets across the nation and around the world. On a local level, Chadwin and her partner, Tom Nelson will also interview their favorite local business owners including contractors, lenders, bankers, CPAs, and more. Be inspired to support local business owners as you hear from their own voices how they’re serving their clients. Join us on Heart and Sold.Moving from one market to another can be tough, especially with finding the right real estate agent. With agents being so busy, the vetting process can be a struggle. What frequently happens is the agent who responds to the referral opportunity first or most frequently with a lot of tenacity is the one who actually gets introduced to the client. That agent may or may not have the personality or skill set that is the best match to fit the client’s actual needs.Through the Heart and Sold podcast, host Chadwin Barley and Tom Nelson, will be interviewing and vetting real estate agents as well as business partners, allied resources, and tradespeople she has worked with throughout transactions such as contractors, electricians, painters, lenders, and CPAs. The podcast will provide these resource persons a platform to share how they go the extra mile to do a great job and serve their clients. Not only that, they will also benefit from learning some best practices and strategies as well as becoming acquainted with other great agents.Generosity is a way of life. The Heart and Sold brand is all about giving back and adding value to people’s lives, and was inspired by Chadwin’s desire to live a more fulfilled life. She has learned that true happiness comes from helping others. For her, real estate is more about people than it is about property. Launching her business by three motivating factors – Faith, family, and a desire to make a difference in the world while inspiring others to give back – Chadwin and her team are intentional about giving. They set aside a portion of each commission to give back to the charities they are each passionate about and they also give in honor of each client to the clients’ charity of choice. The mission of their business is to foster philanthropy through every life we touch. We like to inspire our clients to “pay it forward” and to give hope to someone in need.All of us have obstacles we have to overcome, and hearing from each other will empower us all to improve. In Heart and Sold, agents, business partners, authors, and coaches will be teaching us their strategies as well as tactical methods to implement those strategies in business. Philanthropists will also be gracing the show to teach us about the organizations and causes they lead in order to inspire other business owners to get involved in serving their own communities. Be better informed about your new market and work with specialists that fit your specific needs. Hear from the experts in the marketplace as they talk about the things that they are passionate about in their own communities and in their respective parts of the world. Join Chadwin Barley, her team and special guests on Heart and Sold.

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