House Democrats Urge Pelosi to Move Quickly on Senate-Passed Infrastructure Bill

A group of moderate House Democrats on Tuesday urged Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to bring the bipartisan infrastructure bill, just passed in the Senate, up for a standalone vote and to provide more details on how the upcoming budget reconciliation package will affect inflation and the national debt, which is over $28 trillion. “After years of waiting, the country cannot afford unnecessary delays to finally deliver on a physical infrastructure package,” the letter says. As the bipartisan infrastructure bill moves to the House for a vote and the Senate begins consideration of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill, the group of moderates say they have concerns about specifics parts of the reconciliation package and questions they would like answered, writing, “These specifics are crucial, particularly given the combined threat of rising inflation, national debt, and the trillions recently, and appropriately, allocated to the COVID-19 emergency.” The moderates’ concerns are only one challenge …Read More

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