House Republicans introduce bill to ban ‘tyrannical’ federal mask mandates

A group of House Republicans introduced legislation Friday to ban federal coronavirus mask mandates on public transportation, arguing it’s time to return to pre-pandemic normalcy.

Rep. Andy Biggs, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, shared his legislation first with Fox News that serves as the House companion bill to Sen. Rand Paul’s mask mandate legislation in the Senate.

“There is no scientific evidence for the continuation of mask mandates on public transportation,” Biggs, R-Ariz., told Fox News in a statement. “Bottom line, mask mandates are old news, and are only being kept in place by those who relish controlling our day-to-day lives. The viral spread is collapsing and our normal lives are returning. It’s time for the CDC to follow the science and end the tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions once and for all.”

While states and businesses have largely loosened their mask mandates in recent weeks because of the widespread availability of vaccinations and reduction in coronavirus cases compared to the peak of the pandemic, one major exception has been public transportation. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) extended its mask mandate through Sept. 13 that covers airports, commercial aircraft, over-the-road buses, and commuter bus and rail systems.

The GOP legislation would ban any federal agency from imposing any COVID-19 mask requirement aboard public transportation or at any transportation hub.

In addition to Biggs, the bill is sponsored by GOP Reps. Randy Weber of Texas, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Tom McClintock of California, Bob Gibbs of Ohio, Chip Roy of Texas and Lance Gooden of Texas.

“It’s time to recognize the never-ending government mask requirements as the political theater they are,” Roy said in a statement. “Americans are capable of making their own decisions; it’s time to choose freedom over fear.”

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