Inflation Largely Caused by Biden Administration Will Influence Midterm Elections: Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi, financial expert and author of “Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors,” said that the current inflation is, in large part, due to the Biden administration injecting too much money into the market and will likely influence the midterm elections. Mizrahi has spent 37 years on Wall Street and now advises people on sound investing practices. “And the real situation here is that Washington has not been acting fiscally irresponsible since the Biden administration took over in terms of trying to flood the market with more liquidity, which is driving up prices even more, because now you have a whole lot of dollars chasing a whole limited supply of items, and prices are rising,” Mizrahi told NTD’s Capitol Report. As the U.S. annual inflation rate climbed to 7 percent in December, the highest level since June 1982. New data show that costs in almost every category were higher in the 12 months …Read More

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