Inspired Living with Keri Murphy

We all want to make a significant difference through our work and through our message. However, taking the risk to step into that big vision can be scary and overwhelming, and bravely bringing your message to the next level can get your inner voices riled up. We’ve got your back!

Welcome to Inspired Living with Keri Murphy, a highly sought-after media expert and entrepreneur mentor. Each week, Keri she shares insider secrets and success stories behind some of the most influential people and brands. Don’t miss each episode as she pulls back the curtain and helps you discover your “IT” Factor and what it takes to become a “celebrity” expert in your industry both on camera and off.

Stop hiding your brilliance and become an icon in the industry with Keri Murphy’s guidance. The CEO and founder of Inspired Living, Keri is committed to empowering people all over the world to “Dream it. Live it. BE it!” An international speaker, media expert, and business mentor, she honed her expertise in the entrepreneurial field for over 20 years, helping others to create and succeed at a business they love.

From model to role model, Keri is a television veteran with appearances on MTV, E!, FOX and NBC, just to name a few. Her Inspired Living TV web series helps people bridge the gap between having a dream and making it their reality.

With a priority to give back, particularly to other young women discovering their own hopes and dreams, Keri is a regular supporter of the “Unstoppable” foundation (a non-profit organization that brings education and sustainability to developing nations). She makes time to serve on the advisory board of the Women Network, which gives women a voice and platform to share their messages, and was chosen to be a mentor for the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurs, an organization of the most passionate and socially minded entrepreneurs in the world.

Keri has been inspiring people ever since she was a little girl. Developing possibilities is what she absolutely loves to do. Her unique combination of being an on-camera talent, cultivating and developing talent through her agency, and being an entrepreneur are all part of her secret sauce that no one else has.

Overcome your fear of being judged. You don’t have to stand in the shadows waiting for someone to tell you that you’re good enough. Realize your potential to make a lasting difference in the world. Be a part of our conversation here on Inspired Living, a podcast that is dedicated to sharing success stories and that offers practical business advice on how to build a brilliant brand, how to stand out, and how to market differently in a very saturated time.

Join Keri as she interviews successful entrepreneurs and celebrities on how they got to where they are. Learn from other seven and eight- figure women as they share how they built their businesses. Share your inspired message to the world with some tips on how to use video, how to build a business, how to build a team, and so much more!

You’ve already got the talent and the message you want to share with the world. We simply bring out the brilliance you’ve yet to see in yourself. Start operating in your zone of genius using your God-given gifts and talents to create the powerful life you were meant to live. Be committed to living full-out because when you are inspired, you inspire others!


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