John McAfee’s Mysterious Death: Suicide or Murder?

Who is John McAfee?

Mystery Surrounding His Death

John McAfee

In a tweet dug up from 2020, he stated that IF he ever hung himself, it would be no fault of his own. Clearly stating his lack of interest in ever committing suicide.
In another tweet, McAfee said that U.S officials wanted him dead. Claiming they were planning to kill him, in which he responded by getting a tattoo with the word “WHACKD”

John McAfee tweet

Janice McAfee, his wife, stated in a fathers day post on June 20th, that the US government wanted to make an example out of John for speaking out against corruption. “U.S authorities are determined to have John die in prison”

John McAfee tweet

Image License by Gage Skidmore


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