Lawmaker Pushes US to Investigate UFOs

The latest defense funding bill, passed by the House of Representatives this week, includes a provision that would establish a new office to investigate sightings in the sky of objects that are unable to be identified. If the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act is passed by the Senate and signed by President Joe Biden, it would require the creation of a new office no later than 180 days after the bill is enacted. The office would be charged with laying out procedures for the Department of Defense to collect and analyze reports on “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or unidentified flying objects (UFOs). It would also evaluate links between such phenomena and foreign governments, try to figure out whether the sightings serve as a threat to the United States, and report on the phenomena each year to Congress, with the first report due no later than Dec. 31, 2022. The office would …Read More

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