Let Me Speak To A Manager

We all want to grow our career or business, but yet we feel stuck, stagnant, and unable to push through the glass ceiling.

Welcome to Let Me Speak To A Manager with Frank Cava and Ian Mathews, a podcast that is dedicated to teaching what it takes to build wealth and have fun doing it! Frank and Ian share entertaining business triumphs and failures that are both relatable and actionable.

At times eloquent and succinct, and at other points blunt and obnoxious, this is their unique riff on the big questions they had early in their careers. Learn golden nuggets as they talk about standing out in a company, leading people, building cultures, persuasion, marketing, management, and building businesses from scratch. Light on theory and heavy on practical experience, they weave personal, and often humorous, stories from their collective 50 years of business experience.

Frank Cava is an executive coach and the CEO of one of Richmond’s fastest-growing companies. Over his 25-year career, he has built and renovated more homes than tickets sold in an entire season by his Miami Dolphins. During his run from a Fortune 500 to founding Cava Companies, Frank led dozens of teams and built a reputation as a no-nonsense business consultant for small business owners and CEOs.

Ian Mathews is the CEO of 5on4 Group, a management training company, and consultancy. He is also the CRO of the technology startup Keep Technologies, a featured writer for Forbes, and a prolific capital raiser. In 2018, Ian retired from corporate America after serving two decades as a senior executive for two Fortune 500 companies, while moonlighting as an advisor for a tech startup with a $28-million exit. Ian’s daily newsletter is followed by more fans than you will find at home games of his beloved Detroit Lions.

Together, Frank and Ian will help you build a better success mindset, tackling topics from how to get a job, how to ask for a raise, landing a promotion, deciding when to leave your company, starting a business, leading people, becoming a better first-time manager, overcoming doubt and procrastination, and many more.

Whether you’re trying to climb up the career ladder, raise money for a corporation, or starting your own business, Frank and Ian’s unique, valuable, and relevant voice will help you achieve all of your goals. Join Let Me Speak To A Manager and get an inside track of how to position yourself so you can be attractive on the market.

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