Marriage School

Have you ever asked yourself how is it possible that the vast majority of ‘dream’ relationships start with love, connection, intimacy, yet 70% turn into a reality of a ‘nightmare’? Have you ever asked yourself if getting married is a life-risking pursuit? The answer is simple… Getting Married and Being Married are 2 different businesses. To get married is easy! To BE married you need Education. People struggling to keep their Family life in one piece are not flawed people, they are amazing and wonderful. If they have a chance to learn the formula that creates the most profound and powerful everlasting relationship, they will absolutely build it. Now you ask yourself: marriage school? Is there such a thing? Well, now there is! Welcome to the Marriage School podcast, a podcast to support the creation of the masterful everlasting relationships you always dreamed of and deserve. It’s that simple. All it takes is following the road map of 3 steps. Envision – Design – Navigate. Hosted b

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