MBA Minority Business Access

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who is just starting out in business or you’ve been in business for twenty years, you don’t want to miss our podcast, Minority Business Access. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is fraught with trials and challenges, especially with limited capital and resources. In this podcast, host Solomon Ali will be advising you how to avoid the pit falls so you can stay and thrive in business. While it’s true that it’s hard to start a business without money, especially if you’re coming from a disadvantaged or minority sector, there are always ways to access those funds you need to bootstrap your business. Learn all you need to know about gaining access to capital to jumpstart your journey to entrepreneurial success only here at Minority Business Access. Here at Minority Business Access, business whiz Solomon Ali will be giving you the step by step guide, the inspiration, and the encouragement to go out there, raise capital, and move forward with your dreams and goals. Each episode of Minority Business Access will address areas of concern and opportunity for new and established businesses. For owners and entrepreneurs in business for less than 5 years our podcast will cover topics such as Corporation Set Up, Employee/Payroll Management, Business Credit and Capital Raises, Taxes and Insurance to name a few. For older more established businesses we explore topics such as Expansion, Increased Working Capital, Investments, Regulatory Issues, Insurance, Private vs Public structure, and Exit Strategies for the small business owner and the investors. Born in Los Angeles, California, Our host, Solomon is a brilliant entrepreneur and consultant who identifies with successful men who were innovators in the business community and had a drive and focus that went beyond the fundamental classroom teachings. Like them, Solomon, is motivated by a desire to explore all facets of his passion, seeking knowledge from conventional and non-conventional resources. As a result, he has created in himself an expert in financial engineering and raising investment capital. With over 28 years of business and finance experience and a deep passion to help disadvantaged and minority entrepreneurs and business owners bring their ideas and concepts to fruition, he has become a prominent voice and influence in helping them secure their intellectual property, raise funding for startups, bring products to market, and scale their businesses. While on his own entrepreneurial journey, he has effectively invested and traded stocks and has brought multiple companies considerable financial growth and success through his efforts of raising and arranging financing, as well as steadily improved companies’ operations and capitalization values. Mr. Ali’s key business opportunities have come in the healthcare, private equity, energy and, technology sectors. He formed a private equity firm with $250.00 and a few years later was loaning out millions of dollars. In energy, he assisted a company in increasing its revenue from $20 million per year to $75 million. Solomon served as an officer of a technology company that was in the development stage and went on to dominate its space through intellectual property assets and licensing. Starting out in business and bootstrapping a company can be very difficult without the help from experts who have been there and done that. Minority Business Access is your opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge, the methods, the strategies, and the confidence to face the challenges that come along with entrepreneurship. Join us on Minority Business Access and take that first step to entrepreneurial success.

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