Mind Sequencing with Paul Hoyt

Imagine a perfect day where you only experienced a handful of tiny annoyances that were gone almost as quickly as you noticed them. Imagine that on that perfect day you had no stress, no tension, no fear, no worry, and no anger. You just had light-hearted work coupled with hours of perfect peace, boundless joyful energy, incredible strength, deep wisdom and clarity, and amazing limitless love. Now imagine that nearly every day of your life was like that, and you knew that your days were just going to get better and better for the rest of your life! Paul Hoyt has been on a journey of personal development for over 50 years. Since discovering a “magic pill” – a sequence of thoughts that lifted his spirits every time he went through them – in 2004, he has created dozens of highly effective sequences of thought and action. Coupled with daily practices, great wisdom, and deeply revealing exercises, they have taken him to the heights of human consciousness which he now wants to share with

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