MindShift On Demand™

Shift out of fear, anxiety, worry, and overwhelm in an instant and anchor yourself in a new reality that leads to profound positive change in your life. Welcome to the MindShift On Demand™ podcast where host Donna Blevins offers a new toolbox of Mindshift Exercises™ to help you leap forward into greater success. This 6”5’ powerhouse has served as an executive coach, poker coach, and overall mindshift coach. Shift your mindset away from pain and toward healing on each podcast as we show you MindShifting™ techniques you can use, and stories to draw inspiration from, to improve your day-to-day life. Are you dealing with emotional and/or physical pain or injury? Are you seeking internal fortitude and strength to improve personal habits? Or are you someone needing control in the moment, someone who wants to learn what you can do right now to help with whatever you’re being challenged with? You need to join us here on MindShift On Demand™, a podcast dedicated to helping you mindshift away from feeling powerless toward taking control of your life and taking action, and transforming negative thoughts into positive patterns. Our body is the vehicle, and our mind is the driver. Does that mean that you change everything that’s around you? No. What it means is you can change how you’re dealing with a particular situation, and it’s all about changing your perspective. We call it MindShifting™! The one thing you have control over in this life is how you play the cards you’re dealt. Regardless of how awful a situation is, you can reroute your thought-pathways, shift negative thinking, and step out of the victim mindset. Donna will show you how and guide you to do just that in this podcast! Having done MindShifting™ for 50 years, Donna Blevins is transparent and openly shares how you can shift your mindset in an instant! Struck by what she calls a “stroke of genius” – a devastating physical stroke muted her ability to speak by blocking blood flow to the central part of her left brain that is the speech center – she went to work using her own MindShift Exercises™ that effectively rewired her neural pathways so that she could speak fluidly three days later. What everybody called a miracle, Donna called her proof! The proof that MindShifting™ in real time works. Since then, she has used these methods with family, coaching clients, hospital staff, heart patients, cancer and stroke patients, caregivers, and wounded warrior veterans. She has helped those suffering from traumatic brain injury and many more people seeking to find a fast way to success after being stymied and spiraling into “mind trash” or what she calls “mental crap.” Face it. You are NOT a septic tank. Going back to school at the age of 58 to earn two masters and a PhD in the science of the mind, she is a sought-after keynote speaker, seminar workshop leader, and great author. Drawing from all of her experiences, she created life-changing MindShift Exercises™, teaching everyone how they can use their mind and tap into the brain’s neuroplasticity to improve every aspect of their lives. The brain – our biological supercomputer – is the strongest tool we possess, yet using it to control the mindset is the biggest challenge most people experience regardless of age. Here on MindShift On Demand™, Donna will teach you emotional agility so you will be able to shift your mindset and shift your emotion in the flow, as it happens. Learn how to turn anger, frustration, impatience, sadness, anxiety, and fear into positive thoughts, words, and actions. Turn losses into wins. Reshape your brain’s neural networks and optimize your mindset. Expect a safe place free of fear, pressure, and whining as you listen to frank discussions, testimonies, and clear instructions on how to perform each MindShift Exercise™. Tap into your full potential and be the best version of yourself – confident, authentic, and in control. Join us on MindShift On Demand™ and let Donna Blevins help you with your MindShifting™ On Demand.

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