Minnesotans Take Legal Action Over Critical Race Theory

A law firm has taken legal action on behalf of Minnesotans opposed to Critical Race Theory (CRT) who argue that they have become victims of bullying and retaliation for speaking out against what they say is a divisive and discriminatory philosophy. The Minnesota-based Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) on Friday announced that it had filed complaints and lawsuits on behalf of clients who “seek an end to the ‘official’ propagandizing of CRT and the bullying and retaliation which accompany it.” CRT, a quasi-Marxist ideology that interprets society through the lens of a racial struggle, sees inherent racism in the foundations of Western societies, which it seeks to fundamentally transform to end this claimed racial oppression. An effort to incorporate CRT in American schools has been pushed by progressive politicians, activists, and major teachers’ unions, drawing backlash from parents and conservatives. Doug Seaton, president of UMLC, said in a statement that, “our …Read More

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