Missouri Rep. Billy Long Joins Crowded US Senate Race

Missouri Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) is going after a seat in the state’s upcoming U.S. Senate race, the GOP congressman said on Tuesday. “I am entering the race for the United States Senate. I followed Roy Blunt into the House, I have his congressional seat,” Long declared as he announced his candidacy on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. “I want to follow him into the Senate,” he added. Long joins a growing list of candidates in the 2022 primary race to replace Blunt, a Republican who confirmed his retirement in March after serving more than a decade in the U.S. Senate. The former auctioneer and radio host who was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2010 said he sees himself as an electable contender while expressing urgency for the GOP to “get the Senate back” and “fight back against this craziness going on.” “The ludicrous things they are doing …Read More

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