Most Georgia Voters Did Not Sufficiently Check Their Paper Ballots in 2020 Election: Study

A majority of voters in Georgia either did not check or only briefly glanced at paper ballots after they chose who to vote for during the 2020 election, according to a recently released study. A fifth of voters observed at the voting booth did not check the ballots at all, while 31.3 percent of others only gave the paper a brief glance. The rest either looked at the ballots for a short time or a long time, according to the study (pdf). Under the election system produced by Dominion Voting Systems used in Georgia for the first time statewide in 2020, voters log their choices on electronic machines. When they finish picking who they’re voting for, a printer attached to the machine prints out a paper ballot. People take the ballots and insert them into a ballot tabulator. Before doing so, voters can check the ballot for accuracy. If there’s …Read More

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