New York’s Incoming Governor Kathy Hochul Vows Change

New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday promised there will be a change in the workplace when she becomes the governor in two weeks, replacing Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “At the end of my term, whenever it ends, nobody will ever describe my administration as a toxic work environment,” Hochul said in her first news briefing in Albany, after Cuomo announced his resignation on Tuesday following allegations of sexual harassment. Hochul will become New York’s first woman governor on Aug. 24, when Cuomo’s resignation is effective. “I’m fully prepared to assume the responsibilities of the 57th governor of New York,” the 62-year-old Democrat from western New York said Wednesday. “I know the job, I fought for the same policies, that’s why I’m more prepared than anyone could possibly be for this position,” Hochul added. She noted that the two-week transition period “was not what [she] asked for” but that she …Read More

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