NJ GOP Challenger to Democratic Governor Requests Debate Before Votes Cast by Mail

A Republican candidate running for governor of New Jersey in November asked the incumbent Democrat governor (running for re-election) to schedule a debate before voters are able to cast vote-by-mail ballots. Republican gubernatorial candidate for New Jersey Jack Ciattarelli sent a letter on Tuesday to the governor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy asking him to schedule an additional debate before residents receive their vote-by-mail ballots. New Jersey election officials will start sending vote-by-mail ballots on Sept. 18, which is 10 days before the scheduled debate between the two gubernatorial candidates. Upon receiving their ballots, voters can potentially cast their votes before the first official debate takes place on Sept. 28. “I am writing today after another day on the campaign trail up and down New Jersey. Residents are outraged by property taxes, saddened by all the closed businesses, and concerned about rising crime. They want to hear about solutions—mine …Read More

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