One Democrat Joins All GOP Senators to Pass Anti-Critical Race Theory Amendment

The Senate on Tuesday passed an amendment that bans federal tax dollars from being used to promote or teach critical race theory (CRT), a quasi-Marxist ideology, in schools. The amendment, introduced by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), was included in the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation budget package. Last month, the Arkansas senator introduced the Stop CRT Act to prevent federal funds from being funneled to teach the theory in public schools. CRT ideologues, Cotton said on the Senate floor, “want to teach our children that America is not a good nation but a racist nation,” adding: “Those teachings are wrong and our tax dollars should not support them.” “My amendment will ensure that federal funds aren’t used to indoctrinate children as young as pre-K to hate America,” Cotton further stated. “Our future depends on the next generation of kids loving America and loving each other as fellow citizens, no matter their race.” All …Read More

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