Only 6% of Republicans Trust TV News: New Poll

According to a new poll, Americans have such a lack of confidence in the legacy media’s reporting that only six out of every 100 Republicans have any confidence in television news. Their views reflect the deep distrust of the American people: Only 16% of all U.S. citizens say they can believe what they see on television. About one in five Americans trust newspapers, a Gallup poll released on Wednesday found.

Gallup tracks public confidence in “14 core institutions” every year. This year’s results find that the American people’s trust has declined nearly across the board since the waning days of the coronavirus global pandemic. Strong, bipartisan majorities of Americans trust the military (69%) and small businesses (70%).  Americans generally express low confidence in Congress, big business, and the criminal justice system.

But the two parties differ sharply on which other institutions deserve public support.

“Republicans have far more confidence than Democrats in the police and the church,” reported Gallup.

That contrast comes into stark view when it comes to the media. Only 6% of Republicans told pollsters they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the news reported by broadcast media networks, while 25% of Democrats trust TV news — a 25% gap. Similarly, 8% of Republican or Republican-leaning voters trust newspapers compared to 35% of Democrats, a 27-point confidence gap.

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