Own That Shift

The Own That Shift Podcast is for anyone ready to experience a breakthrough to increased clarity and inner peace. If you are ready to shift the way you are thinking, feeling, and existing in the world but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it without guidance, we invite you to join us. Every week, your host and Personal Transformation Specialist, Shannon Parsons leads real people through Breakthroughs on-air to help them shift their thoughts, feelings, and emotions from a negative to a positive state. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a glimpse of the serenity that’s waiting for you. By listening into the Own That Shift podcast and taking a journey alongside others just like you – ready to Own That Shift and transform your state of being – you will be able to be your own guide towards feeling more at peace on a regular basis. Negative emotions are part of the human experience and there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. Sometimes we need a helping hand and a nurturing voice to reach out to us and take us down that path. By working with children, teens, and adults, from business professionals to entrepreneurs, Shannon Parsons knows how to help you get a glimpse into how you can shift your own state of being, thoughts and emotions to find resiliency and strength. The truth is when we are feeling good, then good things start to happen for us. Shifting ourselves to a higher vibration brings us into a heightened state of joy, peace and love. Then we naturally start attracting what we truly desire. From her personal experience, having worked with clients on their personal growth path one on one, Shannon is capable of seeing you at your highest, truest, and greatest self. Her power as a guide is in providing that safe space of unconditional love for you so that you feel empowered to move through and shift into a more positive state of being. If you are open to change and really want Shannon to help you Own That Shift, just like those you hear on the show, take advantage of the opportunity to apply and experience your own shift on her website, ownthatshift.com. Subscribe and join your host and guide, Shannon Parsons, to learn and be inspired by the power within real people as they shift their own emotions to propel them forward in a way that most never dare to try. Let her help you shift your own energy and mindset – and Own That Shift!

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